Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sep 1, 2010

So today is the first day of classes everyone has been talking about... I didn't actually have any classes but I had to come talk to Tom about my Sculpture II independent study. After I spoke with him I went up to check out the Graphic Design II class and ended up staying there.

My plan was to come in on days when I wasn't working to learn a bit more about it while I was taking the more advanced class but by the end of the class I had pretty much decided to drop the other one and take this. I guess it's a good thing I came!

After class Brian and I went to get some food and then went back to Westby. I was trying to track down Keith with no luck and then I just hung out in the lab for a while.

I went to Shannon's new place a bit later where she was cooking dinner. Who knew she could cook?

We had a big family dinner with her roommates. She made pasta with a really awesome red sauce. It was no traditional family dinner but the food was great so I wasn't complaining.

I met Chuck and Caitlin at PJ's for Quizzo since I missed it last night. We did quite well since Chuck did not miss it last night. I got a lot of answers on my own surprisingly but he helped out with the ones I didn't know. We came in first! Ah, unearned victory.

I went over to Jake's after the bar to his little soiree outside his house.

Shortly after I arrived Jimmy arm wrestled this girl. I think he lost.

I had to borrow some drinks because I didn't get the memo that it was BYOB. So I had to drink Bud Lite Lime. The lime actually covers up the bad taste. I met some new people, like Davonne who laughed at people with me.

We mainly posed for pictures while we drank. In retrospect, that's the majority of what was happening. Even when no one had a camera out people were posing. It was kind of confusing.

After a while I stopped drinking since I was driving home. We took some more pictures and ate Doritos. Eventually the cleanup began and we started to leave. At least no one fell into the pond!

Jimmy was sleeping in the grass so I had to wake him up and take him home with me. The night was a lot of fun despite the commotion.

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