Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apr 20, 2010

I spent most of the morning cleaning, boxing things up and taking things down from my room.

I met Ryan for some games of tennis. We actually got to play a full match this time since there was no worry about the lights. All of the games were close and we had a good time.

I had Modern Art and then Graphic Design. We spent most of the time looking at our posters.. it took a long time.

After class I went with Shannon to Maoz for falafel. It was her first time and she realized how delicious it was and why I go so often. I haven't had it in a while though and now I want to go again already.

We went across the street to Mako's for some drinks. We only stayed for a little while but all of the signs were amusing me. "Warning: Drinking may cause pregnancy." It's not that funny but I was amused. Oh, and "VIP: Visibly Intoxicated Persons will not be served."

We headed home after that, pretty tired and extremely filled with falafel and vegetables. Not feeling great after that.

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