Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aug 1, 2010

I woke up around eleven but still felt strange because I went to bed so late. After having breakfast I decided to go to the gym so I wasn't completely lazy. I was putting up the big weights as you can see. I did some weights and ab exercises until the gym was closing so I had to go.

I went over to the course for a run and saw this egret just hanging out in the water around hole 1. I ran around the lake twice, taking some of the paths around the baskets to lengthen it a bit. I felt like I could go another time around but I stopped it there.

I came home and fell asleep again for a while. Weird sleep today. I went to Carissa's before it got dark to go for a swim. It was a little chilly out, hence her hesitance to get into her pool.

We got a Little Caesar's pizza and came back to watch some Shark Week programming. I never actually watch this even though everyone goes crazy about it. The pizza was good and the shows were good as well. The first one followed a shark photographer who took amazing shots and made me want to do that kind of work.

I came home with some leftover pizza and got to bed at a reasonable time, hoping to end the cycle of daytime sleeping.

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