Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jul 31, 2010

We apparently took the high speed tunnel from I, Robot to places farther south in PA. After packing up the tent and getting breakfast at Wawa we went down near Allentown for our next set of courses.

This picture may look somewhat familiar because it's at Jordan Creek which, again, I have played in the snow. Much easier without the snow but I still remembered much of the course.

This uphill shot was not so treacherous this time and I just missed a birdie.

Last time we quit around hole 14 because it was getting dark and hard to find things, but this time we made it to the end. Hole 18 shoots straight down and across water, turning right immediately. My first shot wasn't great, but on the mulligan I nailed the turn.

Before getting to the basket you have to cross another stream. This time I wasn't as lucky and my disc landed right off the bank so I got to putt from the water.

Off to new courses! Next up was South Mountain, a little bit north of Allentown. It lived up to the mountain in its name. The first several holes were steep and rocky yet still fun.

It had a lot of well-constructed holes and the course was kept up nicely. While we were there, people from the local club were putting in new concrete tee pads to replace old ones I assume. They even helped us find a disc that we were ready to give up on. Very friendly people there.

The course was challenging and had a good number of shots that were just fun so I would have to give it a good rating and come back one day.

Our final course was a little hard to find because there is more than one park called Unami Creek Park it seems. We did find it on our second attempt, however, and it was fun right away. Some of the holes are quite long and most of them shoot through the woods or down large hills. Every hole was a little challenging in its own way. They were all great and I wish there were more.

There were flyers in the bathroom about the "dangers of disc golf" because they plan to open the course up to an 18-hole since it's only 9 at the moment. It lists things such as "danger of being struck by a disc," "destroying nature," and "disturbing hikers and park goers." First, the holes run through parts of the woods in which there are no trails except the fairways so no danger of getting hit or disturbing hikers. Second, most disc golfers are very eco-friendly and strive to keep the course looking nice without harming nature in any way. So, another 9 holes, please!

The end of the disc golf weekend had come and we went back to Joanna's to eat. I grilled up some black bean burgers and chomped them while watching Mythbusters. We attempted to take some sunset photos but couldn't find anywhere to shoot. I was so tired at this point I needed a nap so I slept for a couple hours.

When I got up it was too late to do anything but I was refreshed so I went out and took some photos of the prison in Rahway because I think it looks awesome and a little scary at night. I want to take better photos but I'll have to be more prepared next time.

I hopped on the Turnpike after shooting and headed home. It was a nice drive back, though there was more traffic than I expected. I guess it was a Saturday night. When I got home, I could not fall asleep so I ended up watching Man vs. Wild for a few hours until dawn when I finally started to drift off.

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Joanna said...

sweet high speed tunnel pic.

i do recall being able to throw a lot further in the cold though.

prison is technically in avenel. that photo came out really good and it's definitely creepy.