Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug 20, 2010

James's tire went flat yesterday so I took him to the Target parking lot so we could figure out the situation. We took the tire off and threw it in my trunk to go find a new one.

We decided on a used tire which ended up costing half the price of a new one at a different tire place. We didn't have to wait too long before they had the tire on the rim and we were back at the car putting it on. That was easy.

It wasn't long before we headed off to Hangar 84 for the LTJ show. Cheezy and the Crackers played early so we were there to see them as well. They were good but very loud. I have only seen them once or twice before.

We went out to the designated smoking area because the new policy at Hangar is no re-entry. At least for this show that was the rule. We mostly went out to avoid hearing Angels 8 Riot. How they ended up on this show is beyond me... actually what really confuses me is that people get into them.

The Menzingers were up next and they were really good. They are a local band from Philly but they have some really catchy tunes. I picked up their CD after the show and I'm looking forward to hearing the recorded stuff.

Less Than Jake finally took the stage and went on to play a ton of great songs. They talked a lot (read: too much) about how the venue doesn't have a bar and they couldn't wait to get to the bar at the Ramada Inn. They were good when they played music though.

We were in the pit a decent amount of the time dancing. A lot of people were into it even though the crowd wasn't as big as I expected it to be. It's cool to see bands I love at the local venue but I feel like it might not be good for them.

After I dropped off Chuck at home I met back up with Sam and Jeff at Applebee's for some food and beer. We got veggie burgers that took way too long to come out. Our beers took a while too but once we downed one we weren't so hungry anymore. It was still a good time and much to Jeff's worry we were almost the last people there!

It was a really fun night with a bunch of friends and good music. Almost perfect..

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