Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aug 28, 2010

We began day three with the intention of only doing a couple strenuous hikes and an easy or moderate one. Then we went to Dorr Mountain.

Does it look like the steps are neverending? That's how they seemed. Every time it seemed like we got to the top of something there was another set of steps in front of us. It was extremely exhausting. Maybe it's because it was the third day in a row of us doing strenuous hikes, but it was a lot of steps.

The hike description mentioned ladders and metal rungs which only appeared very briefly in one spot. I think they need to revise their description. It was just more stairs and steep mountain after this.

I was feeling it when I got to the top.

Ryan was still doing okay but I could tell he felt it too...

The view was quite nice from up there too. I took some time to rest/enjoy it.

As we headed down the other side it seemed like we stayed on the top of the mountain for a while without descending. Eventually we started heading down into the forest. We made a turn and the path began heading up again. This went on for a while, but we seemed to be on the right path so we just kept following.

The path only got more steep, with stairs and steeper flat rock faces than we had encountered anywhere else. We just kept pushing on until we reached a sign where we realized we had gone the wrong way at the turn. We had to hike all the way back down the couple of miles of crazy steep trail we had just come up. The way down made us realize how much we really climbed up and how steep it was. It felt good to finally get to the bottom and see the car so I could sit down and have a good drink of water.

We decided to call it a day for hiking after that experience so we went to the Seawall picnic area for lunch. Everywhere you go there are awesome views. This was nice to look at while eating.

We pulled out Scrabble and finished our game from last night while a seagull stared us down, waiting for us to drop food. Unfortunately a fed seagull is a dead seagull.

In the interest of taking it easy we went down to the lighthouse so I could check it out. We went out on the rock and Ryan read while I shot some nice pictures of the water crashing onto the rocks.

We went back to the camp where I got some reading done as Ryan took a nap. We got ready to leave for dinner and as I was pulling out of the parking spot my bumper got hooked on a small tree stump which pulled it right off the front of the car. We spent some time figuring out how it was attached and put it back on as best we could.

We went to a cool little cafe near our campsite that is open during the summer season and uses the profits to fund a soup kitchen for the needy during the winter. This was our view from the window seat. There is no bad view here.

We got a tasty pizza and I had a root brew. It's always nice having hot food after you've been eating mostly trail mix and sandwiches.

We made a fire when we got back that didn't want to stay lit. I had to get down and give it some air, which brought it roaring back to life and it burned hot all night after that. Just needed some lovin'.

Our last night was a good one. There was no shortage of exhaustion on our only hike and the rest of the day was relaxing and enjoyable. I love Maine.

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