Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug 12, 2010

I met Brian early in the day at the course for a game of disc golf. It was his first time playing and he did pretty well. We played most of the holes that we could and only lost two discs in the process! One of them I can get easily once I go back with sandals on. It's in the water. It was an enjoyable game anyway.

We went for a game of tennis next which was a lot of fun. We each have areas in which we excel and those in which we need some improvement and I felt evenly matched which made it fun. We played for a while until it started to rain and then we called it a day for sports.

Once I went home and got showered Jamie picked me up to go to Kawa. I was starving by this point and I didn't think sushi would do so I got a big pot vegetable curry. I love curry. It was great like usual and I got leftovers. I also love leftovers.. especially when it's curry.

I went out a bit later to take some night shots while hoping the clouds would clear up a bit so I could watch the meteor shower.

I started at the Mauricetown Bridge getting some photos of the lights that curve along it and the somewhat creepy light on the road. I like the quality I get from long exposures with this kind of lighting. I took some shots in other places around the area before meeting up with Lauren and her friend, Ralph at Wawa.

They hopped in my car and we went toward the lighthouse to shoot and try to see meteors. The roads near the lighthouse were flooded so I decided to try another area. The road to the nature preserve was also flooded but I liked the way it looked so we stopped at the edge to take some shots of it. They came out pretty cool but I need a remote so I can take longer exposures. As we stood there, the water receded and we were able to drive through.

As I was taking photos I saw one really awesome meteor streak across the sky before the clouds came back. I was happy with that. We went to the overlook at the nature preserve and took some shots there and hung out talking for a while.

I wasn't really getting any great shots there since the stars were covered up so I stopped shooting after a few.

The night was good and shots were alright. I need to get some new equipment for real and maybe I will see an improvement in my photos.

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