Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aug 29, 2010

We got up and packed up the tent and all of our gear to pack in the car, checked to make sure the bumper wouldn't fall off, had some food and then headed out.

This reflective pond was one of my favorite things we drove by often while we were there so I stopped to take some shots before we left.

We were on back roads for quite a bit longer on the way back but we eventually got to 295 and then 95 South.

The ride started seeming really long around the middle. I think I forgot we had to go through Massachusetts. Through Connecticut it seemed like it was dragging on and I was getting tired. We stopped for some Taco Bell and found a detour around the George Washington Bridge which I think saved us a lot of time and then it was smooth sailing back to Jersey from there.

I met Katie at Corson Park and hung out by the tennis courts talking for a few hours. The weather was perfect and there were some guys playing tennis well after midnight who were quite entertaining as well. They kept running off the courts when cars came by because they thought it was the cops coming to kick them out.

Somehow after being tired in the car I managed to stay up until almost dawn after being out talking and then watching TV when I got home.

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