Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug 21, 2010

I woke up later than I'd hoped and needed to catch a ride to Philly to the bus station. My grandmom graciously took me and we got to the bus literally as they were closing the doors to leave. Luckily the opened them for me. I had a nice ride up to New York, reading a lot of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis on the way. I really like the way he writes.

When I got to the city I immediately went to Jamba Juice, where I met Jackie and had a berry topper thing with fruit, granola and honey. If there's one reason to move here..

Once I dropped my stuff at her place we went out walking toward the park and came upon this street fair on Fashion Ave. It was like a big flea market with delicious looking food everywhere and a big Coca-Cola igloo with snow inside.

We got through crowded street and took a walk through the (only slightly) less crowded park. We weren't heading anywhere in particular, just walking. It was a nice day for a walk in the park, with a cool breeze blowing most of the time. I got schooled on the working of the music industry as we walked.

I couldn't resist a corn covered in garlic butter, parmesan cheese and hot sauce when we got back to the street fair. It was pretty amazing. I would never think to put all that stuff on corn but I'm glad someone did.

We went for a midday drink at an Irish pub. I had a beer and then a strawberry daiquiri. Say what you will.. it was great. Jackie had a margarita and we were mixing them. Daiquirita is what I call it. It should be a thing.

We went back to the roof at her place to regroup and figure out what to do while we had some more beers. The roof is a good place to do thinking. I've always wanted a roof to sit on.

We decided to get sushi but before we ate I did my first sake bomb. It wasn't really what I expected. Much easier to drink than other "bombs" that I have done. The beer was good and the sake was pretty decent as well. It's my first time.

I got a tuna jalapeno roll, which was not as good as I'd hoped it would be and a sweet potato roll that was great. I like that place.

We walked around and ended up taking the subway to the Brooklyn Ale House once again. This time we played some pool. It was pretty serious. I was doing well somehow. Not amazing by any means but I was sinking what I was aiming for which is surprising in itself.

We played a few games before being challenged by incoming people. We actually won the first game we played against them and only lost the second by one ball. It was fun anyway. We got some sandwiches at a deli around the corner before catching the train back to Manhattan.

We went up to the roof again when we got back and I took some long exposure shots that I really like. Some I took with Jackie and others of just the surrounding buildings. I was leaning close to the edge of the roof for a few of them. I was more worried about my camera falling than myself.

We retired to the apartment after a while where Jackie fell asleep quickly and I stayed up chatting and watching Bear Grylls interviews for a while before I got myself tired enough to go to sleep.

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