Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jul 3, 2010

We got an early start on our drive north, picking up Nathan at the train station along the way. After a drive that always seems longer than it should, we got to Worthington State Forest and then had to find our trail.

One U-Turn and a lunch later we came upon the trailhead that would lead us to the Appalachian Trail and Sunfish Pond.

The first part of the trail was a steep climb that didn't let up. It was definitely hot out but the humidity was low so we could be thankful for that.

We took a few rest breaks along the way as it didn't take much uphill to make us feel exhausted. Whenever there was a flat area on the trail it was a welcome rest for our legs.

The trail provided nice scenery, with ferns everywhere except for the narrow trail on which we were walking. The orange trail met up with the Appalachian trail at the top of the incline and led us to the landmark for which the trail was named.

We came upon Sunfish Pond and took a break by its edge. There were large rocks and plenty of shade to cool off while we took in the view.

The trail took us around the outside edge of the pond and back to near where we started. The opposite side of the pond was much more rocky and it seemed to be where most people on the path were stopping to enjoy the scenery.

After a long drive home, with a stop at Rita's on the way, I got right back to work clearing the yard some more with Jimmy and getting our fire ready. It was literally the easiest fire I've ever started with dry pine needles and a few small sticks. It started quickly and never went out.

The fire was too big for the ring so we made a pit which worked much better. We had to keep an eye on it since everything has been so dry.

A bunch of people showed up and the fire was burning bright. We turned up the music in Jimmy's car in an attempt to rival the annoying neighbors who had been revving the engines on their motorcycles all evening.

Dave, under the influence of his homemade wine, jumped over the fire a few times. It's not like he needed to be drinking to do it. I think he might have burned off some leg hair.

Alycia, Laura and Brian showed up and joined the party. I told them everyone's name like they did when I came to the first frisbee game. Pretty sure they didn't remember any either.

Tracy and Mike came with a special guest who I haven't seen in a very long time.

We hung out having drinks and watching the fire until about 2am. Nathan was playing guitar but I don't think I ever heard it over the music playing. We looked for constellations with a Droid app.. it's pretty insane. The night went really well and everyone slowly started leaving.

I thought it was done but Jess and some friends stopped by after we had cleaned up and gone inside. They hung out and had a few beers while debating future legislation until they finally realized it wasn't 10:50 and they should probably get home. After they left I happily retired to bed.

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