Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jul 27, 2010

Another beautiful day prompted me to go to Parvin's for a run in the morning. It was hotter than I had first thought but it was still a nice run.

I stopped at a farm on the way into Vineland to take some photos of flowers. There were several beautiful arrays of them. I went to the course next to play the first twelve holes because the back part isn't even worth it anymore.

I came home and we decided to get into the debris and start to clear it out. Jimmy wielded his trusty shears and got right into it. I started hauling all the scraps away and piling them in the yard until a tree expert came over to tell us it was too big of a job for him.

I went to play a few games of tennis with Ryan to continue enjoying the great weather. It was good to play again. Once we finished I came back and grabbed the chainsaw again to take apart some of the big pieces. I guess I know how to use a chainsaw!

We got showered and ready to go out and then headed to Quizzo with the group. We ordered food from our new and improved server and then Jeff gave us the rundown of how he proposed to Sam. Ah, Jeff is engaged.. congrats, man! Anyway, we were doing pretty well on the quiz, made some faces out of cutlery and vegetables and ended up in third place in a really close game, despite how hard Jeff thought about some of the answers.

After the game I dropped people off at home but I went to the cemetery with Carissa and got some interesting shots of uprooted gravestones. The storm really caused some damage all over but this is one of the cooler images I think it created.

I tried some other shots with the moon and the graves but the moon was so bright it looked like daytime with any length of exposure. I still kinda like this one.

I came back to the house where Jimmy and Jeff has set up the XBox to play Sonic the Hedgehog. We played several Sonic games for a while and then went to Yahtzee! We played quite a ways through it before it said, "Hey, this is a demo! Pay up or you can't play anymore!" So we stopped playing.

After talking for a while Jeff headed home and I headed to bed, falling asleep after watching Rescue Me.

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Joanna said...

those sunflowers are gorgeous!

and that photo of the uprooted gravestone and tree is really awesome. i like it a lot.

silhouetted one is pretty neat too.