Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jun 1, 2010

I woke up on the plane once or twice and watched some How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock on the in-flight entertainment screens, but for the most part I was actually able to get some rest. I woke up one last time to the sun rising over the clouds and soon after we were making our descent into Los Angeles.

We went to baggage claim and had to wait for a little while until Adam got there to pick us up.

Once we had packed the car again we got right back to it and headed north on I-5 toward San Francisco.

On the way we stopped at Falafel's Drive In in San Jose. It was featured on a Food Network show so it must be good. It was a nice looking place if nothing else, set up like an old drive-in restaurant.

We got the falafel and banana shake, which is the recommended combo. The falafel was good, nothing amazing (actually, it kept falling apart in the tortilla shell,) but the hot sauce was great. That's what made it special. I would like to have a big jar of that hot sauce to put on everything. I don't even know how to properly describe it but if you like hot sauce, you'd understand.

Another couple hours on the road and we saw San Francisco rising over the highway lanes. It looked really crowded together from this side so there weren't a whole lot of great shots to get of the city.

We made our way into the city and to Golden Gate Park, where we found our disc golf course. It's been a while. The park was really crowded. It reminded me of Central Park in New York in many ways. There were museums and gardens; plenty to do. The course was pretty busy as well. We started on hole 10 so we didn't have to wait so long.

There were some really nice holes and some good innovations along the way. Several tees were near the fairways of other holes so they used netting to protect anyone teeing off. I almost lost a few discs here but I managed to find them all eventually.

The course was fun but I played really poorly. This is definitely a place I would come back to for more than just the golf.

We went to the overlook for the Golden Gate Bridge next. I don't know if it's because it has such a well-known history or what, but the bridge is breathtaking. It's so massive and the bay with the hills behind it is the perfect backdrop. I just stood in awe for a while and then took some shots.

We walked around and drove down to get some different angles on the bridge but I became interested in other things in the area like the giant, rusted chains that line the water. They seemed to have a history of their own and their flaking skin was telling a story.

I got another brief view of the city from the area, once again blocked and too far away to enjoy.

As the sun was going down we headed out of the city and went to Olive Garden for dinner. We did some shopping at Trader Joe's and then hung out at Border's to attempt to find a couch for the night or a campsite. Neither were possible it seemed, so we ended up parking in the lot instead of driving twenty miles to a Wal*Mart.

It was really chilly there so I added a few layers and then curled up to get some rest and hope no one came knocking on my window.

Back on the road: 409.7 miles total for the day. Not a bad start after only a little sleep!


Joanna said...

haha falafel photo 1 of 100 that actually came out right! and hey, mine stayed together perfectly, so it was good.

...orrr I found your disc...
haha i love the final dg pic. pretty sweet course.

D.M. said...

yeah, but it was mostly the hot sauce..

Joanna said...

i liked mine. but i guess it was mostly the hot sauce. and somehow the combination of it with a delicious banana shake.