Monday, June 14, 2010

Jun 14, 2010

I was pretty much a waste of life today, as I slept a lot and hoped the phone would wake me up with a job. It never did so I got up and watched Breaking Bad and Glee then read a little before eventually going to the gym to run on the track until Ryan showed up. We did some circuit things inside that were extremely exhausting. That's how I guess you're supposed to feel after the gym.

We went for a swim at his aunt's house. It was much more refreshing (rather than just cold) this time. We stayed in for a while until it started to get that cold.

I came home and cooked some soup, read a little and watched more Glee until Shannon was done work. I met her for a walk on High Street and along the riverwalk. She had to call it a night early this time though. One day we'll get our plans straight.

Facebook Scrabble was the rest of the night and now it's time for bed so I can hopefully be woken up by a call to sub tomorrow.

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