Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jun 17, 2010

I started my day at Lakeside where I was put in one of my least favorite positions, the in-school suspension room. It just goes by so slowly and I can't take it. Luckily, I got a reprieve before my day even really began because Silver Run was short on subs.

They seemed confused that I was there at first but eventually, after working in lunchroom helping short children reach the trays with their breakfast on it, I was assigned as the traveling Spanish teacher. I did really easy lessons with the first and second graders that mostly involved going over colors and the days of the week. I learned some Spanish myself, which I enjoyed. The day was fairly easy with several breaks where I got through a lot of my book.

After work I met Ryan for some late afternoon tennis. We played on the courts near his house that are surrounded by basketball courts and they were packed. We were the only ones on the tennis courts but basketball, baseball and skateboarding were going on all around us. The games were somewhat ridiculous as well because the wind was blowing pretty hard in one direction, making it hard to judge our shots each time we switched sides.

We went for a swim after the game but we didn't relax. We did ten laps each, which became increasingly more difficult with each stroke. It never seemed there was enough rest time in between. I have a new respect for swimmers.

I just hung out for the rest of the night and finished reading the Adderall Diaries. I really enjoyed the book and strangely relate to the author. It seemed all over the place at times but as I got into I realized that it's just like life. We're never following just one path, we have things going on with family, friends, work and personal issues. I would actually like to read it again soon. If anyone is looking for summer reading, I recommend it.

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