Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Our shuttle picked us up in the morning at the hotel and took us to the Hard Rock Cafe for our Welcome Breakfast! First, I realize we're taking a lot of shuttles. They come with some of the things we bought on our GoCard, which is like a pass to several attractions. Second, the "Welcome Breakfast" was supposed to be for when we arrived, but I forgot to schedule it so I decided to do it when we got back from the cruise. It's a "Welcome Back" breakfast.

I had done this the last time I was here so I knew the routine. They give you a lei, all welcoming, to take a picture of you and then they take it back. Such a nice welcome, eh?

This is why the breakfast was free. It was fruit, chocolate chip muffins (delicious) and fruit juice. It was enjoyable but not really anything to wake up early to get.

We were given the rundown of all the overpriced expeditions they offer. Entertainment was provided by dancers from the Polynesian Cultural Center. I don't know how that guy smiles like that the entire time he dances. He never flinches.

The shuttle picked us up outside the Hard Rock and took us to the Maui Diver's store since they sponsor the breakfast or something. The tour was pretty interesting actually. We got to see how they design and create their jewelry from corals and gems. It was all expensive so I didn't consider buying anything, but it was pretty!

Once we got back to our hotel and packed up our stuff for later we took a walk around Waikiki to some places we hadn't been yet. We looked at a few art galleries and one was amazing. Peter Lik's gallery was full of large-print landscape photos that were insanely vibrant and beautiful. We both agreed that these made us simultaneously want to get better and give up. Look him up; if you have a chance, go see his work. Nothing compares to seeing it in person.

We went for more Puka Dogs. I changed it up a little bit and got mango relish this time. They are so good... but so simple. It's just a veggie dog on a toasted bun with some (unusual and awesome) condiments.

After walking around for a while longer, we headed to the other side of town and got acai bowls from the organic food place. Another wonderful treat I will miss when we're on the mainland.

There wasn't much to do while we waited besides wander around. This giant tree is in Kapiolani Park outside the zoo. I don't know why it grows like this but I like it.

Eventually our airport shuttle picked us up and took us back to Honolulu International. We were informed of possible overbooking of the flight so we waited in line and volunteered to get bumped from the flight to get vouchers for later travel.

Unfortunately they didn't need us. Even worse, they had given away our seats so we had been reassigned to different parts of the plane. The nice thing was we got free snacks because of the inconvenience.

Another 2,551 miles back to the mainland. I don't know why I'm not scared to fly. Look at all that water.


Joanna said...

ahaha i don't remember giving the thumbs up in the acai bowl photo. oops...

that food will definitely be missed. and its creation will definitely be attempted.

i also wondered why i wasn't really scared of flying over the water. thought about it though.

D.M. said...

That wasn't a thumbs up, it was hang loose but you can't see your little finger. And yes. I want a Puka Dog.

Joanna said...

oh yeahhh i kinda see it hiding behind the bowl. now i remember.

mmm... puka dog... =[