Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jun 19, 2010

I went to the gym with Ryan in the morning and tried to avoid doing much leg exercise after last night's game. This machine looks like a frog sticking its tongue out.

Katie picked me up to head to Philly, where I got falafel for lunch while she shopped for hair products, then we went to the North Star Bar for a show.

I like things that make me laugh out loud.

The first band to take the stage was Troubadour. They were fun and melodic. Piano driven but still rockin'.

We got our hands stamped so we could go to the bar area where it was air conditioned. It felt great in there after the stage area.

I had a Kenzinger while I waited for the next band. It felt strange being at a show in the middle of the day.

O'Brother was the next band up. They were a lot harder and louder than I expected for this tour. I wasn't really into them but some of their songs were decent. We watched from the balcony and it was a little cooler up there.

Deas Vail came out after a short wait. They were great again. It was even more enjoyable this time since I know their songs. They have a good stage presence as well. I wish there were more people into them. It was a very small crowd overall.

We planned to go to a movie but decided to come back on a day when it wouldn't be as crowded. I picked up Shannon later and went to Ocean City to Corson's Inlet. That was all I could think of.

We walked around on the beach a bit and talked. I tried to figure out what the lights in the distance were. It turns out there's a bridge down there and the flashing lights were just cars crossing it.

We watched some 30 Rock back at her house for a while until I got really tired and came home. Twas a good day.

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