Friday, June 18, 2010

Jun 18, 2010

Very happy it was Friday, I mostly enjoyed my day at Lakeside as a math teacher. I spent most of the time looking up information on hiking the Appalachian Trail and preparing for a half marathon while the students played math games in the computer lab.

After work I went to see my sister and Aiden and took him for a walk down by the river like I used to do with my grandfather. He seemed to have a good time. He can't quite skip rocks on the water yet but he's really good at throwing them in.

Ryan came over and we went up to Mullica Hill to meet Brian and a bunch of his friends for a game of ultimate frisbee. The game was great. It involved a lot of running. I don't have any action shots but there was plenty of action. I didn't play that well but I had a great time and made a few plays. Some players were better than others but everybody had fun. There was one great psych out where someone just screamed at the top of his lungs to distract Brian. Everyone was so busy laughing they didn't guard our team and we got the point.

Once it was too dark to see the frisbee we went to DJ's house to swim. The pool was big and it felt great to cool off.

Brian did some impressive flips off the diving board and this is him mid-flip. He looks like he's meditating in the air.

We hung out in the shallow end most of the time, watching someone do a flip (or a belly flop) and playing ring the swimmer with the tubes.

Oh yeah, it had waterfalls. I could wash my hair under this. It was salt water as well so it seemed strange.

I haven't used a diving board in a long time. They're always enjoyable. I've smacked my back on the water too many times to want to do a flip though.

We got out of the pool and hung around the fire ring trying to get warm but mostly just inhaled a lot of smoke.

We ordered six pizzas from Domino's since we were all starving after the game and swimming.

The pizza was amazing, as you can tell by the look on Brian's face. We hung out talking around the fire for a long time. I think this should happen a lot more this summer.

It was a great night but I could really feel all the sprinting I did in my legs. I hope to do it again soon. I had no trouble passing out when I got in bed.

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