Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 6, 2017

I worked at Memorial for CST and had a pretty easy day of meetings. Good amount of downtime and the meeting before lunch ended really quickly so I got a long lunch with Becca to have our sloppy joe leftovers. After work I had my dentist appointment for my cleaning. I never have to wait to go in there. I was in, cleaned, and out really fast. Everyone there is nice too.

We headed to Blackbird later for an amazingly delicious slice of pizza and some wings. It was somehow the best slice of the spicy bbq that we've had yet. I could eat that pizza everyday to quote Becca.

We had some time before the show so we went to Prohibition and got a couple drinks. I had a pretty decent sour IPA and then we shared a Hoppy Lil' Hudson because we couldn't fit that much beer in after our heavy dinner.

We got over to Union Transfer to catch the last couple of songs of Nothing. They were very loud noise and I didn't care for it. We stood in the hallway to protect our ears. AFI came out to the crowd chanting and then went right into Girl's Not Grey.

They were awesome and Davey was as energetic and dramatic as usual. The set was a great mix of songs I knew well and ones I didn't but still could enjoy. The crowd wasn't even as crazy as I expected so I left without too many bruises.

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