Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feb 19, 2017

I got up a little later than planned of course because I slept at home. I managed to get to French Creek State Park pretty quickly anyway. The disc golf course parking area is closed off in winter so I had to park and walk a bit to find it. I started on hole 18 and eventually found my way to the course. I was not having a good start to the round and it didn't improve all that much. The course feels cramped and tight the whole way, but that could be because I wasn't playing so well. It's not a course I tend to want to return to.

I hurried to Camp Sankanac to get there for doubles at 11:30. Although there were a ton of cars there no one knew about this doubles tournament that supposedly happens weekly. Before several big groups started playing I hopped on and started off on my own. I ended up joining another guy on hole 7 since we were both playing solo and there would be no point trying to pass one another.

The course itself is great. The layout is varied and fun, with all types of shots and lengths. It's challenging but not terribly annoying like French Creek felt. I was glad to have someone to share it with.

When I got back to the first tee there were a bunch of people standing around talking about playing doubles. They asked if I was in so I said yes straightaway and we got to pairing off. The second time around I feel like I didn't shoot quite as well as the first and my partner wasn't a great help at picking up any of my slack. It was still a perfectly beautiful day and a great course to play twice. It was nice to play with a bigger group and get to know some people there. Definitely will be returning to this one.

I decided to go to Tired Hands on my way back to Philly. I sat down next to a guy at the bar and we chatted for a very brief time about nothing of great importance, yet he offered to buy my first beer as he was heading out the door. Really nice guy. I started with the Pink Noise, a raspberry lemon IPA that tasted like grapefruit. I had some good beers and another good conversation with another man that came in and sat on the other side of me. We talked about great beer, photography, travel, and our idiot president. Not a bad night.

It wasn't over yet; I met Christie and Tracy at The Abbaye for dinner where I got my own wings after a full day of salivating about them. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice cool night air with our meal. Since the weather was still nice we finished our beers and walked to Barcade for one more drink before heading over to the Fillmore.

We got inside shortly before Less Than Jake opened with "All My Best Friends are Metalheads" to kick off a really fun set. The place wasn't really packed which made for a nice wide open circle pit to dance in for an hour. I had a really good time and I'm always happy when I get a chance to see them live. It was quite a day and I was happy to get home to bed where I didn't have to set an alarm for the morning.

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