Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jan 1, 2017

As much as we didn't want to we got out of bed in the morning and went to Union Lake dock for sunrise. By the time we were there we were already happy we came. The sky looked beautiful and the clouds were moving fast. We took some shots on the dock and another photographer showed up so I started talking with him and we used each other in our shots.

This sunrise was much nicer weather-wise than the last one we saw. We stayed until the sun came over the horizon and then stayed a little more just watching the light play on some of the trees along the shore. It was a really great way to start a new year.

We went back to Becca's and did day one of (YouTube) Adriene's 31 Days of Revolution yoga. It was a very easy day indeed; hangover friendly, as she called it. After the light stretching we talked and decided we didn't at all feel like going to the Mummer's in Philly and the weather was too nice to stay in so we headed north to Tyler and stopped at Guru's Indian Buffet on the way. How did I not know this place was here? It was amazing. Such good and plentiful vegan food, really nice staff, and a great price for a weekend buffet. I will definitely be coming back.

We got into it at Tyler and were having a good round for the most part. I threw my disc into the water once, missed the putt at this basket about 5 times, and we had to wait to tee off a few times, but otherwise it was a perfect day for a round. We played the first 18 then took a short rest before heading back for the second 18 holes. Some were more fun than others and halfway through the back we were both feeling like we'd had about enough of trees and throwing into the rough. We pushed on and were happy to have played everything in the end.

We drove home with the beautiful sky behind Philly on 95. I fixed the lag issues on the Wii emulator so I played Aladdin for a short bit then we played Donkey Kong Country for a while until we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore.

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