Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jan 28, 2017

Becca and I got up nice and early and got on the road just after 6am on our way to Connecticut. We watched the sunrise behind the power lines on the Jersey Turnpike. It was a beautiful sky as we passed quickly through the state, not stopping until we got to New Haven and Edge of the Woods Market. We got 3 Reubens to go and ate half in the car on our short drive from there.

Our first real stop was at the New Britain Museum of American Art. It was a great little museum with a lot of great pieces and interesting things like that security guard that I definitely thought was real. It's been a while since I've been to a museum so it was great.

We went to Page Park to play a round of disc golf next. It was a little muddy and a little snowy, but it was a fun round. Lots of ups and downs on the course and Becca got better at throwing sidearm shots. The towel got a workout at this place.

We went to Hooker Brewing where this sign made me laugh repeatedly while we sampled beers. They gave us a bracelet with tabs to pull off for each sample. 10 for $5 which is great, and we ended up getting like 15 each anyway. They had a lot of really good stuff, but the #nofilter IPA was probably my favorite. One of the brewers was walking around and chatting with us a lot as we sampled. He was super nice and a big reason why the place was so enjoyable.

We were running late, but we went over to the Wadsworth Art Museum anyway for the last 30 minutes they were open. It seemed like a really great gallery and I wish we had more time there, but the staff were rushing us out and locking up before it was even 5, so we had to go.

After going to the wrong hotel and then finding the right hotel a good distance out of the way from where we went we dropped off our stuff and left for the main attraction of the night. The Funny Bone Hartford is a comedy club inside a mall. It's not as bad as it sounds, but we had to get there over an hour early to get a seat that was basically in the back of the room. In any case, it was fine because it was a small room. There were two openers: Chris Something was really funny and a good host. The next comic was good, but didn't really do it for us. Mike was hilarious as always and had a lot of good material for his next special. It was cool to see him working on jokes and being a little more loose with everything.

Becca didn't know what to expect, but she ended up liking it a lot so I was glad it was a good Christmas present. We went back to our hotel, which was weirdly adorned with knickknacks and an Elvis statue. We thought about going to the pinball arcade, but we didn't. We also didn't go to the gym. We did eat our Thai takeout food in the bed and then go to bed at some point. It was a good day of well-rounded travel.

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