Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan 15, 2017

We woke up after a few hours of questionable quality sleep in the car at the rest stop and watched the sunrise from the parking lot. It was a nice view over the mountains even if it wasn't the most colorful sky. We ate some tofu scramble that I made last night before leaving which ended up being a great idea. Good start to the morning.

We drove about two more hours until we got to Watkins Glen. We found our way onto the Falls Trail and were immediately blown away by the icicles everywhere along the walls.

The trails were really icy so we strapped on the microspikes and the yaktrax that Becca got which seemed to work incredibly well. It got her up and down these steps.

This view was my favorite place in the warm weather and I didn't know Rainbow Falls could look any more insane. We stood here and wandered around under the frozen falls on the path for a long time just existing in awe. Everything was so beautiful there. Even better was that no one else was around.

We went into the town of Montour Falls to check out the couple of falls that are weirdly right in the middle of town behind some houses. Not a bad view for these people. It was a nice little break for a snack and then we left.

We went to see Taughannock Falls next. We saw them from above and then found our way to the trail along the river to get here. The viewing platform at the end of the trail was so icy, and getting down to the edge of the water where these crazy frozen branches were was really tricky. It was definitely worth it for the shots I got.

We decided to stop at Ithaca Brewing for a couple of flights before turning in for the night. They had some great beers including a chardonnay barrel-aged, a great double IPA, and a raspberry berliner. It was a good choice stopping here. We stopped to get Ethiopian food at a place called Hawi. We got takeout because they charge a stupid fee to share a plate. We grabbed coffee at Gimme! and headed to the hotel.

What should have been simple was annoying as we checked into our room and then ended up having to change to another building because the wifi didn't work at all and Becca needed it for her online class. The woman at the front desk didn't make things easier since she was an asshole and she didn't know what she was talking about. We eventually got situated and I ate the takeout and played with my new MacBook a little before getting into bed before 8pm.

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