Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dec 29, 2016

I went to Ryan's in the morning for the second two games in our Koopa Bowl showdown. We played Super Mario 1 first and Ryan won as I struggled in the last world. In the event of a tie, we play Super Mario World and if that doesn't provide a clear winner there's a round-robin All-Stars match. But really we just played Mario World for the win. We were again very close but I got to the last castle faster and won. It was a lot of fun playing it that way.

I went home for a little while before going to Becca's where she surprised me with an amazing vegan chocolate cake with ice cream in the middle. It was so good. I had a little slice before we got ready to leave for the night.

We picked up Tracy and went to Starland where we sat in the car for a little bit to have a couple beers before the show. Diana sent me this wonderful little graphic to say happy birthday that made me smile.

We went inside and the show was running late, which is predictable for Starland, but we got settled on the side of the crowd and Nathan and Chanel came in and found us for a little bit before the lights went out. Thursday came out to For the Workforce, Drowning, which is one of my favorite songs and my favorite opener of theirs. The set was dark and incredible and it was so great to see them back on stage like they never left.

After the show I saw Omarey and he came to chat with us while those of us without jackets shivered outside. It was great to be with so many friends for my birthday and see one of my favorite bands. We had a nice long ride left home, but it didn't seem so bad.

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