Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, 2010

I got up early in the morning and I liked this scene from my window so I went outside to take some shots of it. It wasn't as great as it seemed to my groggy morning eyes but I still liked the line of palm trees. We went and had some breakfast at the buffet and then parted ways for the day.

I took a long walk (in sandals) to the local strip mall and sat in the coffee shop to use their slow, slow internet. There wasn't really anything else to do since we had to be back on the boat a little after noon to disembark. After doing in a few hours what should have taken one, I got a shuttle back to the boat.

As the boat prepared to shove off we had our last lunch buffet and I had an ice cream cone. Because I can. The Indian food they have out is always great. I would prefer it a little more spicy but curry is good at any spice level.

We attended the grand finale art auction in Pink's Champagne Room. There was a lot of great art that I wish I could afford. There was some that I could afford but still didn't think it was worth it to buy right now. Auctioneers have a way of making everything seem like a great deal but I feel like that's not always the case. I did win a picture frame in a raffle though!

Toward the end of the auction I retreated to the coffee bar downstairs to do movie quote trivia. There were some really good quotes that I got and others didn't and a few that I should have gotten but didn't. Where is Chuck when I need him??

The reason we departed our port so early is so we could go by the NaPali coast while there was still daylight. Everyone huddled along the rail on the port side of the boat and took photos as our cruise ambassador (they came up with that name) gave us a thorough history on the coast's formation and uses over the years.

It was a beautiful scene, full of crevices and high peaks. It has been used in a lot of popular movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong and Six Days, Seven Nights.

We went and got dinner and then came back out on deck shortly after to see the sun set. I think this was the first nice sunset I've really seen on the boat.

The sky changed color quickly as we sailed away from the sun (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?) The clouds looked as if they were painted pink and orange on the darkening blue sky. It was a gorgeous send-off for the last night on the boat.

We went to see our art auctioneers since we were both due "free art." I signed up for a credit card and I got to choose a piece just for applying. I have no intention of actually using the card but one of the pieces I got to choose from was my favorite artist in the auction, Annatole Krasnyansky. His work is amazing; look it up! This is the piece that I got.

I also received a free bottle of cham-pag-nee. Thanks, guys. That should last a while..

I finally got in the hot tub after a week on the boat. It was okay. It wasn't that hot and their were too many bubbles from the jets that kept shooting ultra-chlorinated water up into my eyes.

I did some reading and got tired pretty quickly. So ended the last night on the boat.

Our boat did a little ride along the coast of Kaua'i and then came back down around to Honolulu Harbor. I have no idea where it spent all of the time it had to get there.

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