Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

What a day.. so we got up early and attempted to start off the road trip after a few delays. We got Wawa breakfast and headed out on the highway.

It started to rain about ten minutes after we left and only got worse as we got closer to Philly. The rain got heavier as did the traffic. And neither let up for at least an hour. In that time I also found out that I have to appear in court tomorrow for a ticket that isn't payable for some reason. Good thing I found out close to home.

So I turned around and headed home in the traffic and rain. It was clear when we got back of course.

The rest of the day was nothing.. a nap, a lot of shows, snacks and a game of Scrabble. We were supposed to be in Kentucky right now. Gah.

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