Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

When we got up in the morning, we still had to pack all of our stuff.. or repack it. We found a way to put most of the things we wanted into one bag and then pack the rest of our things into carry-ons.

The next obstacle was finding the subway--something people don't really know exists in LA. I had to carry the giant bag of luggage as we went searching for it. We finally located it and took it to Union Station, where we caught a shuttle to the airport.

Once we got to LAX it was the usual security game. Belt off, shoes off... but it didn't take that long to get through it all. We had a short wait before the plane started boarding but nothing unreasonable.

Our flight took off on schedule. It was probably one of the smoothest boarding experiences I've ever had. They played Dear John on the plane. I never planned to watch it but it was pretty good. They also showed an episode of The Office, Two and a Half Men and Planet Earth, so I was entertained. When I wasn't watching I was reading Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby.

There wasn't much to see out the window except clouds and ocean for the whole flight. Once we got close to Hawai'i we could see the islands. Our flight landed on time as well and we found another shuttle to our hotel.

We brought our things up to the room and eventually decided to go out to find food. P.F. Chang's was the winner and the food was great. I got vegetable curry that was spicy and delicious. They don't charge for rice or refills there so I got quite a bit of each.

I was going to go out and take some shots on the beach at night but I was so tired that I went to bed early.

Total distance: 2,551 miles. That's pretty good for one day. If only we kayaked like Google Maps suggested!

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