Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2010

I woke up and went out to the front of the boat to watch us pull into Maui Harbor. This same view is offered on a channel (one of the few channels we actually get) in the stateroom.

We had breakfast and then walked out to the dock to figure out how to get places. Luckily the car rental agencies send out free shuttles to bring people back to their business.

We took the Avis shuttle but they only take cash for some odd reason, so we went to National across the street and picked out a nice Ford Focus to drive around for the day. The guy that worked there was very helpful and friendly. Go to National if you ever need a car.. in Maui anyway.

We traveled down the highways of Maui, which look a lot like the highways everywhere else except for the volcanoes in the background. And the sky was really nice. And there were palm trees and tropical flowers. Okay, it didn't really look like anywhere else.

We took a long, winding road up to where we were told a disc golf course was located.
After many tight turns we came upon a few people putting in the woods. The view was great.

The course is on private land and the baskets are homemade, but they work really well. They said the only thing that really costs anything is the chains so we could make them ourselves if we so chose.

We met Alan, the guy I contacted to show us around the course, and a bunch of other guys that were out to play. It's a good thing we had them showing us where to go because there were no markers, just tee pads. A lot of the baskets were used for multiple holes, but it was all done really well.

I had some good shots but overall I feel like I was just average. Like Alan said, the views made up for it.

I had seen this basket online and it was a lot of fun to play. It was a straight shot down a hill, much like the one at Base Camp. I got a few nice shots toward the very end of our round that made me feel a little better about my game as a whole.

Yep, we came to Hawai'i to play disc golf. The guys we played with were really great. Alan, Jerry, and Shane, as well as the rest of the guys playing the course that day, were patient and fun to play with. Another great thing about disc golf is everyone that plays is friendly. Thanks, guys!

After the game it was later than we had thought it would be so we couldn't do what we originally intended. We took a drive around the island instead and saw our boat from a high point. There wasn't a whole lot to do so we stopped at Starbucks to get online and then headed back to the ship.

The Indian food at the buffet is great and they always have it out. There is more than enough to eat at any given time on the boat, that's one thing it has going for it.

Not much to do on the boat and a day out in the sun led to me going to sleep early once again.

Oh, I miss my paper map. But we traveled a total of 80 miles in our rental car going back and forth to the course and driving around the island today.

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