Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

We got up later than planned in the morning. I guess we needed some extra sleep after the first day. I had a delicious breakfast of peanut butter on bread and then we broke down the tent and loaded it back into the trunk.

We made the short twenty minute drive to Idlewild in Burlington and it was a beautiful morning for disc golf.

Last time I was here the sun was rising over this pond. It looked better then but the flowers add to it this time.

I remembered a lot about it from a year and a half ago so we didn't get lost looking for tees this time. The course is still amazing. I wish there was one like this close to us. It's so well-kept and challenging without being too ridiculous.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. Hole 15 is still a little much but after playing Carousel Park in DE, this single 1001-foot hole doesn't really seem so bad.

I had a good game, I don't know my exact score yet but I think I was probably a few over par.

The weather was perfect but it was getting warm as we finished our game. I still didn't want to leave. I'd like to camp out in the park and play a few games one day. Let's plan it.

We made a stop or two to eat and get supplies before we headed southwest and through Louisville. This was the only place we really hit any traffic and it wasn't too bad.

We hit mile 1000 at 7:09pm CST at mile 19 on I-24W in Kentucky.

This is the spot where we turned 1000. Despite the lackluster view of this particular spot, Kentucky was full of entertaining signs and random things. There was Cox's Smokers, a club for horses (Roger does the minutes... neigh, he just holds the secretary title), and plenty more amusements.

The directions we took had us on back roads for a while, which was a really nice way to actually see the area instead of just seeing highways and rest stops. The sun was setting over this farm and it looked really nice. You had to be there.

We were also routed through this seemingly deserted town. There was some traffic but it was strangely quiet when we came through.

The best part about our off-highway drive was this bridge over the Mississippi River. It looked like the cars were driving up into nowhere as the other side was very dark and the bridge was steep. We drove over it thrice.

We crossed from the back roads of Kentucky to the back roads of Missouri. I need to brush up on my geography.

Back on the highway, we drove through Missouri and then through Arkansas for a while. It's hard to see what these places are like in the dark but it seemed like a lot of the same, flat land.

We finally arrived in Tennessee, which was to be our final stop for the day, but since we passed right into Memphis I wanted to go check it out.

The weather was amazing and we walked along the Mississippi on the well-lit river walk.

This bridge looked really nice passing over the river, even though it was too dark to really see much of the water.

We read about Beale Street being a popular area so we walked through the relatively deserted town and then came upon this raucous block party lit almost entirely by neon signs. The music was loud and the people were dancing in the streets blocked off to traffic. Everyone was having a great time and the beer was flowing from every tap on the block.

A little farther west on the street was much calmer but there were still plenty of bars open and people in them. It was a pretty crazy change from the quiet of the river we had just come from. I wish we'd had more time to enjoy it.

After leaving downtown, we headed to T.O. Fuller State Park on the outskirts of town and drove around trying to find a site to camp at. We went for the cheapest, which was a primitive site in a field at the entrance to the campground. All we need was the ground to set up our tent. It was a big field.

Once the tent was set up, I was ready to go to sleep so we could get started early again.

Total driving distance: 551.4 miles.

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I miss you this mother's day. Beautiful shots! Need some printed