Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 31, 2007

"Don't worry, the handicapped space is out of order!" ~ VFW lot attendant

Above: Circa Survive

The balloons drop at midnight. That's me in the middle!

The crowd counts down with Geoff during Jet Black New Year.

Above: Thursday

Our DJ entertainment post-show.

The awesome shirt I got.

New Years Eve 2008! Or is it 2007? However it's written, tonight was fun. I didn't do much during the day. I had to go to the doctor for his signature on my Rutgers immunization sheet. I ran a few errands and saw Jess for the first time in forever. I gave her the framed picture of New York I made for her for Christmas. I rested a little at home and had hot dogs with my grandmom until Katie showed up at my house and we left for Sayreville. We had a few beers in the parking lot before going in. Circa Survive was coming on as we came through the doors. They played very well, it was a lot of fun. Thursday came out to everyone's screams and applause. They said it was their longest set they've ever played and it was a great one. They took a brief break before midnight and came back out to count us down to zero and 2008. As soon as we got to zero, they started playing Jet Black New Year. That was the moment I really went for. Balloons dropped and people had party hats and horns. It was an awesome way to celebrate. After the show ended we got back to the bar for the after-party. We didn't drink anything, just hung out and a few band members were chilling with the DJ. It was a long drive home, but despite the signs warning for extra enforcement for DUIs, I only saw about two cops the whole drive there and back. I am pretty tired now, I look forward to sleeping a lot tomorrow.

EDIT: Here are videos from the show!

Thursday - Tomorrow I'll Be You

Thursday - The Lovesong Writer

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