Monday, December 24, 2007

Dec 23, 2007

Above: Before and after wrapping... still not done.

Above: Natalie's baptism.

It's a Best Buy giftcard from Sarah.

CDs I made for Sarah.

Cousin, Uncle, Dad, Me, Grandfather

Sister and Dev

My Gifts from Jimmy and Jeff.

Jimmy's gifts from me and Jeff.

And Jeff's from us.

Natalie's and Tracy's gifts from me.

My gifts from Natalie and Tracy.

It may look normal, but I'm singing with my trachea.

It's almost Christmas. It was really warm today so it didn't feel like the second or third day of Winter. I spent the early part of the day wrapping my gifts that I'd be taking out to the parties at night. I did have to go to the store and get one thing, but I got it and came home quickly. After the wrapping and all was complete, I got ready and went to Natalie's baptism in Bridgeton. It was short. Then I went to my dad's and spent a while there eating meatballs and pepperoni bread. My sister gave me a Best Buy gift card with an LED display on the front that you can change the message on. Once that party died down, I headed to Jimmy's for our party. It was slow getting started so we exchanged gifts. Jeff got me a book with photos of New York and Jay & Silent Bob do Degrassi on DVD. James got me the Steven Colbert book that looks really funny. I gave Jimmy a wallet and Jeff a history devotional book. After a while, people started showing up. We got some pizza and hung around talking for a while. I exchanged with Natalie and Tracy when they got there. Tracy got me a skiing statue guy and a large CD case that I needed badly. Natalie got me the belt I knew about but also a clock with space for pictures around it. I liked them all. Tracy got her incense, healing balls, Brand New CD and tickets to Starting Line on my birthday! And Natalie got the lotion, spray and CDs she knew she'd be receiving, although I'm not sure she expected quite as many as she got. After Natalie, Tracy and Mike left, Jamie, Jenn and the rest of us retreated to the game room to play Rock Band. It was an awesome night in my opinion. Now it's off to bed so I can get up for the doctor in the morn.

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