Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dec 25, 2007

Mom & Larry

My grandmom.

Dad & Tracey

Cousin Marcie & her kids.


Cousins together.

My Aunt Roylene.

Sarah and Devon.

Pre-dinner picture.

Larry playing with his helicopter.

The moon looked awesome. This proves I need the new camera.

James and Jeff making a transaction.

This game is called "I win."

Cleveland has grown.

Mele Kelikimaka... I had a pretty great Christmas. I got up around noon and did the gifts with my Mom & Larry. I got random things like socks and a 4GB flash drive. I think I convinced my mom to get me the camera I wanted as well. Then I headed out to visit all my relatives. I stopped by everywhere but my grandfather's house because I guess they weren't home. Family pictures are above. I was back at home by 4 for dinner. Katie came over to join us for traditional dinner. The food was awesome; mac & cheese, green bean casserole and ham. I always complain about family gatherings, but I enjoy them when we get together and talk. After dinner, Katie and I watched some of Jackass the Movie to kill time before going to the cinema. We saw Sweeney Todd, which was quite good and not exactly what I expected. After the movie there wasn't much to do. We played a game or two of Text Twist and then she left. I headed to Jimmy's and played some games on XBox Live. Once Jeff got there with his load of gifts we cracked open his Transformers Monopoly and played a lively game which I ended up winning. After a bit of Guitar Hero III versus random online players, I came home. I was thinking of staying up to go to the bank early, but I think I'll just go when I wake up. Good day.

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