Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dec 28, 2007

Street Magic.

Big slices.

Cleveland is outgrowing his cage.

Today was full of excitement. I woke up, with only a minor headache, and had to get ready to go to Philly because I had almost forgotten we were going. But Katie came over and we headed out to sell my mom's jewelry. (selling it for her.. she asked me to.) We parked on South Street, walked to a shop and back after not getting a good price, then took a stroll down the road. I ran into Will Watson, who I haven't seen in years since he moved to Florida, and his sister Chrissie, whose wedding he is up here for. It was strange but nice to see them. I said hi to my rapper friends that were out promoting again and stopped to watch a street magician. He was entertaining. I was hungry at this point, so I had to have Lorenzo's pizza of course. After feeding, we went back to Jeweler's Row and tried a few different places for pricing. One was remarkably higher than the others, so we kept trying and ended up getting a pretty decent deal for what we had. Katie had to be back for work, so we came home. I had dinner at my grandmom's, leftover meatballs and broccoli casserole, then headed to the mall to print some pictures. Natalie was shopping after work, so I walked around with her for a little while. I went down to my dad's to drop him a picture of us all together with my uncle and grandfather. He gave me my birthday present (a card with money) and we watched TV for a bit. My final stop of the night was Jimmy's, where we played Ghost Recon for a short while until Jeff & Sam arrived to play Monopoly again. That game brings out the anger in some people. I'm hungry and I have to get up in less than six hours for birthday festivities....

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