Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 29, 2007

Today was my birthday. It was great. I got up and got ready for Katie to pick me up. She came over a little late, but she told me to pick any foodery and we'd go. So I picked Outback Steakhouse, but it was closed, so we went to Olive Garden instead. It was great though. After lunch, she gave me presents that I wasn't expecting in the parking lot. There was a camera bag for the camera I'm getting, an argyle sweater shirt, penguin boxers and a box of the caramel wafers she made. She took me home after because she had to go to work. I stopped by my grandmom's house, she gave me an Applebee's gift card. Then I went to my dad's to help him move some things but he had already done it. They got me an awesome hoodie though. I went to the mall and walked around with Natalie a bit and talked to Katie. After shopping, I came home to get my stuff and went to pick up Tracy. She gave me a big bag of goodies, including: a book, glasses for my place at school, a Rutgers hoodie and the obligatory penguin! Once I'd opened them, we headed off to Philly. We had a drink at Mako's then headed into the show. All the bands had played except for the Starting Line so we wandered around until the lights went down, then we pushed to the front and enjoyed the show. They played lots of good songs, just a lot of new ones I'm not familiar with. Apres le show, we met up with Christie, Laura, Jimmy, Jeff, Sam & Maureen at Mako's and had birthday drinks. Christie's and Laura's birthday were last week so it was a dual celebration. Christie and I went and got pizza for everyone at Lorenzo's ("Are you ready for this?!?") It was an awesome night, we even got to hear the songs we played on the jukebox! I didn't get too drunk, so once we got home I was able to drive the five miles from Tracy's to my house with no problem. Can't complain about this anniversary of my birth!

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