Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec 27, 2007

Drinking on the job...

Yesterday was a pretty good day, which is one of the reasons I'm posting a day later. I had to work all day from 11 to 7. At work, I had to make a delivery to the Oarhouse bar across the street. When I went over the bartender asked what she owed me and I joked that I'd take payment in the form of a Guiness. So she poured me one. And gave me a tip. So I sat down and had my beer, then went merrily back to work. Katie stopped by during my lunch break to chat for a bit before she had to go to work too. I got to leave early because the night was really slow, so I changed and headed up to Glassboro. I picked up Maureen and went to the Landmark for drinks. Tracy and Mike met us there a bit later. Bud Lites were only a dollar, so I had quite a few of those. We stayed until a little after midnight and then took off. It was a good time all over.

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