Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jan 31, 2008

I got up early to accompany Katie to AC Moore once again in Deptford. Art classes suck for buying supplies all the time. When I got back, I finished my action drawing assignment by riding my bike over a paper to leave tire marks. It looked cool in the end. I was happy with my three "drawings" when I presented them to the class. We started a new still life in class that was to be finished for homework. After school, I went to Maureen's and we got pizza and the last disc of last season of Lost to watch before the new episode. It was good times and the new show was interestingly good. Post-Lost, I returned to Rowan to my classroom to finish up my drawing and roam the halls a little bit. Then I went to my grandmom's and had some pasta and watch a little bit of Fight Club. I was pretty tired once I got home, so I went right to bed.

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