Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan 29, 2008

We had to partner up and draw each other without looking at the paper... see the likeness?

My new friend.

Gadzooks! (in a Kennedy/Steve accent)

The ceremonial dance of the last card.
Twas an interesting day. It started with class, after I finished my charcoal drawings in the morning, that is. We had to do blind contour drawings of a partner. It was surprisingly fun. I actually enjoyed that class. After class, I was feeling kinda down so I went to Best Buy and bought an iPod. Simple solution it was. I came home and added some songs to it, then got some ice cream at Wawa for me and James before heading to his house. We played some Guitar Hero, then watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, followed by some of Wedding Crashers once Katie joined us. Not even halfway through the movie, we decided to play rummy. It was the longest game ever, we didn't finish until close to 3am. I came home and went to sleep right through my morning class....

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Kate said...

gasp! mr.mac you slept through class???????? im ashamed to call you my friend. :) hah i called you mac. thats your new nickname (in addition to all the others i gave you).SEE i do comment. so how do you like them apples?