Friday, January 4, 2008

Jan 4, 2008

Jeff's Transformer iPod player.


Had to play the crane game to get that thing...

..cuz it's a stool.

Today I worked in the morning; it was very busy today but I was only a helper so I didn't get the good tips. After work, I got a haircut and dropped my car off to get my oil changed. I deposited my check at the bank and came home for a minute before going to Jimmy's for Monopoly with him, Jeff and Scott. After the game, we went to the Brunswick Zone in Deptford to bowl with Jenn, Jamie, Nathan and Lisa. It was surprisingly a lot of fun. Once the bowling fun had ended we went into the bar and watched the girls do some karaoke. It was entertaining all around. Jimmy brought me home and now I have to get some sleep before my placement test tomorrow....

EDIT: Link to the karaoke stylings of Chew Man!

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