Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jan 26, 2008

Today was somewhat eventful, but didn't go as I originally planned. First, I got up, did some laundry and shaved my beard off (one half at a time, as you can see.) I headed out to my grandfather's house since I hadn't seen them since Christmas and it happened to be my little Aunt Zoe's birthday party. I had some food and a couple Corona's and chatted with the guys before collecting my Christmas card and heading out. I stopped at Ryan's a we played a match of Mario Kart on mirror mode. On the way back home, I stopped at the mall to see what Katie was up to. She wasn't really busy, so I got to see the supply room where they keep all the extra camera stuff. I came home, did more laundry and then went to play 500 Rummy with Jeff and Sam. Jimmy came out of his room to play with us eventually too. We had some good games. I'm back home now, I should try to get to sleep before dawn so I can go to sleep tomorrow night at a decent hour before class.

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