Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jan 8, 2008

Above: Morning rush hour.

Rutgers Lunch

This day was interesting. I did a lot of driving. I left my house at about 5:20, after much less sleep than I wanted, for Rutgers. I got up there about an hour early, but I didn't want to be late. My orientation (STAR day, as they call it) began with registration and free pastries and milk. After my ID photo was taken, we all moved to an auditorium for a generic "welcome" speech and a speech about how to navigate their website. Next came "seminars" on specific majors, which consisted of a lot of things but not my major or interests. There were two of these back to back to allow people to take in more than one if they wanted, so I left the first one early and sat out the second one, opting instead to watch an episode of Rescue Me in the hallway on my laptop. Lunch came next, for which they provided us with boxes stocked with a sandwich, chips and a napkin. It was surprisingly good. After lunch, we were split up by how many credits we had to hear the proper way to register for classes. The way it was explained was that since all of the classes we may want or need are already taken, we should choose a bunch of classes that we neither want nor need. Then, during the first week of classes (the week people drop a lot) we should sit around on our computers hitting "refresh" until the classes we want open up. It sounded really horribly unprofessional and unreliable to me. So I picked a bunch of classes (including "The New Testament" and "Harvest of the Middle Ages") that I didn't need just to fill up the requirements. I came home and got ready to head up to PA, then went to get Katie. We drove up and stopped at Applebees before going to our hotel. We watched some Sunny and got some sleep that we'd need for the next day.

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