Monday, January 21, 2008

Jan 21, 2008

Full price...

Rock(band)in' out!

Good times today. It began with lunch at the Looking Glass, where I no longer get an employee discount, I guess. After food, Jimmy came and we went to Philly so he could look for some new sheets. We didn't find any but we walked down Broad Street and South Street in bitter cold for a cup of Wawa Oregon Chai tea. We got back to the car about two minutes too late for the meter and there was a ticket on Jimmy's car. We headed back to NJ to the movie theater and timed it perfectly to see Cloverfield. It was a really cool movie, in my opinion. We came back to Jimmy's to watch a show on the History Channel about what will happen when all humans die off and the planet is reclaimed by nature. Then some Rock Band, now I'm home. Good night.

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