Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb 29, 2008

The day started with a meeting of the minds at CCC to work on Katie's speeches and choose my photos for my portfolio interview. Much was accomplished.

I met Jimmy and Chris at the movies to see Will Ferrell 'fro it up in Semi-Pro. It was quite funny but I'm almost more excited for his next movie, Stepbrothers!

Following the movie, we made a stop at Applebee's. Twice in two days is normal for me.

I decided I wanted to go see Bayside at night, so I picked up Katie and we headed to Allentown. It started snowing when we got to the Crocodile Rock.

As is tradition, we sat in the car and drank a good amount of beer before entering.

I got snowed on walking back to the car for more beer.

We got in just in time to see Straylight Run start. They played a great set, with quite a few older songs.

Bayside hit the stage next, opening with "Carry On." The pit opened up right away and stayed that way all night.

Anthony grabbed his acoustic guitar for the fan-favorite "Don't Call Me Peanut." It was a nice break, but it didn't last long. The set roared on through tracks from all of their releases, mixed up nicely until the essential closer "Devotion and Desire."

I collapsed in the snow after an amazing performance.

The drive home was tedious in the snow and because I was tired. I got home and fell asleep really quickly.

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