Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb 4, 2008

My art creation of the day.

That's a good price.

Sharing music.

Jess uses both of her headphones.

My favorite spot in Central Park.

Manhattan Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge


Today was good. I started out on very little sleep because I stayed up reading, but I got to class on time. We worked on some line projects as I counted down the time until I could leave. I met Katie and Jess out in the parking lot and we headed to New York via the NJ Transit rail system, provided free for the week for college students! So after the long train ride, we took a subway to Central Park and walked around. We got some food, walked around some more, took a lot of pictures, then boarded the subway again to go to the Brooklyn Bridge area. We took lots of pictures here again, of course. Katie tried to rescue a pigeon with a broken leg. She got it out of the road and onto the sidewalk, all the while snapping pictures of it. The fate of that bird may never be known... Moving on, we walked all the way down the Seaport area and around to Battery Park to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from afar. Then it was time to take a few more train rides back to the car. I was so tired by this point I was nodding off on the train. But, we all got home safely and now after some heavy back-dating of my blog, I'm kinda caught up, but still not ready for bed of course, it's only 12:30am!

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