Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mar 8, 2008

Saturday became Atlantic City Beerfest day. Jeff had a couple extra tickets, so Nathan and I graciously accepted them and joined him at the fest. Jimmy drove the three of us and Sam down to AC and dropped us off. We went to Cavo for paninis while we waited for the fun to begin.

After walking around for a short time, we headed to the Convention Center and got in a long line of beer lovers. Once 6 o'clock came around, the long line of poorly checked ticket- and ID-holders moved quickly into the large convention hall.

Beerfest 2008 had begun.

And this is how... cheers!

There were over a hundred breweries and microbreweries represented at small booths all over the floor. The reps were happy to fill our tiny cups and tell us anything we needed to know about what we were about to drink.

And we were more than happy...

to drink..

and drink...

and drink some more.

Sam is wasted and Jeff just ate some floor jerky.

This is one of the many ridiculous hats we saw this night.

Like all good things, the beer had to come to an end. We got a few at last call and wandered around for a while waiting for Jimmy to get there to pick us up. I did find at least one beer I really liked, Innis & Gunn. That was my favorite of the night by far (I had 4 or 5 refills.) Surprisingly, I never really got super drunk. I think it was from walking around the whole time. I was feeling buzzed the whole time, but there was no point where I was stumbling. So, Jimmy took us back to his house, where we played a game of cards while we sobered up a bit. Then I went to Katie's to talk and watch That 70's show before I headed home and went to sleep.

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