Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mar 5, 2008

Fully rested, I got to Color & Design class early. I even had breakfast first. I spent the class up in the computer lab messing around, listening to this clock hum between songs. After class I came home and did nothing with the afternoon. I tried to figure out how to splice sections of separate dvds onto one with no luck. Then I played Kaizo Mario World for a few hours, easily the hardest/most frustrating game ever. At some point, Katie and I decided to play cards at CCC. We met there and played rummy for a couple of hours while fending off random people that kept talking to us.

Poker happened later in the evening. Luke, Josh, Chris, Jeff, Jimmy, Katie and I had a good game. It was Katie's first official game and she did pretty well, she left with the money she bought in with. I actually came out ahead for once too. We hung around talking for a while after the game before I headed home.

I was dead tired.

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