Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mar 19, 2008

I spent the day at Memorial for a second time, filling in for a Sports Marketing teacher. The first class was pretty unruly, so I sent one of them out for shooting paper with rubber bands. The other two classes were pretty good and I finished reading my book before my free period at the end of the day. That freed me up to go see Mr. Megonigal at the end of the day. It was cool to catch up with him.

James and I drove up to Diebra's to hang out, but she had to go into work. After we played a few games of rummy in the car, we came back to Millville. We got a poker game together that ended up being really big. Me, James, Dave, Luke, Cory, Chris, Robert, Matt, Katie and Jeff were all playing at once! I didn't lose my money, I cashed out with a dollar more.

James, Jeff, Chris and I retired to the game room and watched Michael Clayton after the game. It was decent but it put Jeff to sleep. Then I came home after accepting a job late in the night for the next day.

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