Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mar 17, 2008

This was my view for the day. I actually had three classes that weren't too bad. I just read the whole day while the kids did their worksheets. I'd like to work at the High School more often.

I went home to change and then went to the gym for a while.

I met Maureen at her house and we went to a bar in Williamstown for St. Patrick's Day.

We had our green beers and ordered some wings. It ruined the illusion because I watched them pour food coloring into a glass followed by Miller Lite and then charge me 3.50 for it. Either way, I had a green beer finally. Then I ordered a Bud Lite because they're cheaper and taste the same. We got our food and some free beer because our waitress poured them by accident.

We left after a few drinks and I came home. I hung out with Katie for a short time and watched That 70's Show, then came home to get sleep for work.

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