Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mar 4, 2017

I planned on sleeping in, but when I was woken up early I just stayed up. I took my time getting ready in the morning and eventually I headed out the door for another long solo drive to the Poconos. I arrived at the Mountain Laurel Inn long before anyone else so I decided to get in the pool and kill some time. The pool was nice, but there was a kid with a ball who wouldn't stop throwing in around near me. Kids. I got out and had a nice long, hot shower in the locker room before heading out to sit in the lobby area to get some quiet.

Becca, Tracy, Christie, and Eliza showed up after a little while from their day skiing and taking lessons and we headed out to Barley Creek Brewing. They were packed so we sidled up to the bar to wait for our table to get ready. We tried a few of their beers which were surprisingly good and the pints were surprisingly cheap. After being seated and realizing the food wasn't looking good and the waitress was quite rude we decided to leave.

I found an Indian restaurant that seemed cool. It was inside an old train car. The novelty was fun, and the food was AMAZING. I love Indian food, but this was some of the best I've had and the waitstaff were incredibly attentive and friendly. It was a perfect change of pace from the last spot.

We stopped at the liquor store to pick up some beers before going back to our hotel. We got a suite so we had a living room area and two rooms. We hung out in the living room area having a few beers while Tracy tried to get some work done. It was pretty relaxing besides having to call the front desk and ask why there were dirty dishes in our dishwasher. It was unclear why they seemed to be so hostile since the moment I got there, but that hadn't changed. We still had a nice night after all.

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