Thursday, April 3, 2014

Apr 3, 2014

After covering meetings at Lakeside for the day, I was more than ready to get outside. I went over to the park and practiced putting a little before dropping my discs and going for a walk around the longest path to kill time before Ryan got there to play a round. I went home for a while before heading up to Philly for the show.

I got to the Troc shortly before Four Year Strong hit the stage. They had some technical problems getting started as they always seem to in Philly, but once it was resolved they kicked off a great set playing mostly older songs. Their set was fast and full of energy, which is what it was lacking last time I saw them. I was happy to see them back at what they do best, and the crowd was into it too.

Speaking of the crowd, this was the tamest crowd I've seen at a Bayside show as long as I can remember. Their set was fantastic, with four songs from the new album and all of them songs I wanted to hear. I'm sure it gets harder to decide which newer vs. older songs to play as their list of songs grows longer, but I really love seeing them play the new stuff. It's just so good.

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